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Friday, March 1, 2024

Why Resam

Team experience & knowledge

Our highly experienced team of meritocratic investment professionals have a complimentary set of core capabilities across the entire universe of products and services which we offer.

One of ResAm’s scarse skillsets is our focus on quantitative modelling of all relevant factors influencing the investment decision and possible returns.

While remaining alive to the continuous development and evolvement in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In addition, most of our team bring a wealth of knowledge to the investment committee. Knowledge not only gained in investment management but through the management-, establishment- and operations of viable multi-national entities.

Experience allowing us to identify long-term sustainable investment opportunities.

Our team’s diverse skillset and experience enables us to assess the rational of our investment assumptions.

A fundamental understanding of risk factors and capital preservation.

Extensive track record

We have a long-term track record for delivering sustainable investment returns to our clients. Our funds have grown from zero at inception to more than R 3 billion of Assets Under Management.

Personally committed

We are owner-managed, providing investors and clients’ the reassurance that we will always act in the clients’ and business’ best interest.

Daily business decisions are made without the influence of external shareholders you can rest assured that we are focussed on building a sustainable business.

We do not allow personal account trading for our staff and encourage co-investment in the products and services that we offer.

Our size and service

Having less assets under management enables us to make nimble and proactive decisions.

By managing less money than most of our competitors we can remain true to our goal of being a “nimble boutique financial services providers”

We can readily investment in a larger universe of securities and take concentrated positions that will make a meaningful impact to our smaller portfolios than it would to much larger funds.